Unemployment’s Silver Lining

28 Nov

I’m getting laid off soon.

This isn’t news to me. The small nonprofit that I work for is run by one woman (I work out of her home). She’s been doing this for five years without taking a salary and, while she does such good things, her work has pretty much turned into a desk job. So she’s bored and busy, which is not a good combination. She’d much rather spend time with her kids, grandkids, dogs, and friends. I can’t blame her – she could have been retired all this time and instead helped people all over the country.

Instead of working my usual two days a week for her, I’m moving down to one. If she can find someone to take over the business, who knows what my job might be like…but if she can’t, I shouldn’t expect to stay employed by her much longer.

(I can almost hear you out there going, “Wait, she’s giving away a job – why aren’t you taking it?” I have three good reasons:

  1. No salary
  2. No health insurance
  3. Working at home by myself

So, not the best plan for a social 24-year-old who lives with her mom and would love to move out someday.)

Today, work was pretty fun though – I’m sort of running out of work to do, so after I finished, we went on a field trip to Party City to get toys for children she’s visiting on a tour of a Costa Rica nonprofit. We went with hacky sack soccer balls and Yo Gabba Gabba bubble dip. Seemed like some solid choices.

Then we were visited by a friend of a friend of my boss who sells Israeli jewelry. He showed her his pieces, which she examined quite thoroughly. They were GORGEOUS pieces, but the reasonable ones were $40 earrings and $70 necklaces. Believe me, I know that’s very reasonable for fine jewelry, but not in the case of a soon-to-be-laid-off worker. So I watched and sighed.

The irony of the situation didn’t strike me until the third or fourth case. Here I am, with an uncertain employment future in my soon-to-be-ex-boss’s house, watching display after display of fine jewelry pass me by during my normal work hours. A little cruel, don’t you think?

But I really can’t complain…after I recommended a pair to her for one of her daughters-in-law, she insisted I try them on and then insisted on buying them for me as a Hanukkah present.

Goodbye, irony. Hello, gorgeous silver flower drops and a Roti gift card for my boss.


One Response to “Unemployment’s Silver Lining”

  1. moviewriternyu November 28, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

    I’ll think good thoughts for you. Hopefully, a job will turn up soon. Chin up and all… 🙂

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