The Quick Brown Fox Takes A Nap

2 Dec

Is it possible to get carpal tunnel at the age of 24?

A few days ago, I sent an article to my mom’s friend’s husband, who I’ve done some odd jobs for in the past (data entry, transcription, editing, etc). I think this reminded him I exist and desperately need any dollars he can throw my way, so he asked if – and I quote – I was available to do a menial task for him.

So here I am, typing up a training manual.

Weirdly, I really like typing. When we learned how to type in sixth grade, I practiced all the time. And I don’t mean I sat at a keyboard and did the exercises like a normal human. I mean that while people were talking, I saw the keystrokes in my head. I fell asleep at night imagining the keyboard and twitching my fingers in the right directions to spell out my thoughts.

While this made me a weird eleven-year-old, it also made me an EXTREMELY fast typist. I’ve taken Words Per Minute (WPM) tests a few times, both at temp agencies and online, and I never get lower than the mid-90s (I just took one for fun right now and I got 110….that seems a little crazo even to me though).

Since I like typing, I’m good at it, I have a bit of time, and I really need the money, I took the job without hesitation. I didn’t really stop to consider exactly how long it would take. I’m good at this! How long could it be?

The answer is: longer than I thought. I won’t make excuses or anything; it is a training manual and I’m pretty lucky that a good portion of it is in bullets. But I do hope that my wrists and finger-joints won’t be mad at me forever for this.

(Good news! I was just glancing through the binder and discovered that I’m probably about a third of the way through. Apparently the other sections are significantly shorter than the ones I’ve been slogging through. Huzzah.)

Hang in there, hands!

I’ve even been following AJ Jacobs’ advice from Drop Dead Healthy and I try and shake my hands out whenever I remember, which seems close to the “every ten minutes” advice. I do wish I had a treadmill desk though.

What are some of the stranger odd jobs you’ve taken on when you needed the cash, blogosphere?


2 Responses to “The Quick Brown Fox Takes A Nap”

  1. Sandy March 17, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    I shared a receptionist’s job with my best friend when I was 16. There were about 20 lines and they seemed to always all ring at once. “Margolin and Brandwein, please hold” – repeated that about 20 times as I punched the hold button. Of course, I would often completely screw up who I had just asked to hold and who I had transferred to the correct office, resulting in some very angry people calling back and yelling things like, “I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes!” Yipes!
    It was fun to share the job with my best friend (she worked 2 days a week, I worked 3), as we’d leave each other funny notes and treats and other surprises in various drawers.

    • AllisonTheBookworm March 18, 2013 at 8:17 am #

      Thanks for sharing! Sounds intense…but fun when shared with a friend.

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