Rollerin’ Along

11 Feb

I was always that kid who responded to “What’s your favorite sport?” with “HAHAHAHAHA that’s funny.” I played soccer like any good young suburban child, but quit in the second year when I realized that my two favorite positions were goalie – because I didn’t have to move – and sitting out.

But lately, I’m discovering something strange about myself. There’s a sport…that I actually enjoy. That I want to play. That I can’t stop thinking about. That I want to do all the time.

That sport…is roller derby.Story O'Clock - Rollerin' Along

I didn’t even know what roller derby was until I watched Whip It a year or two ago. (And then I was annoyed I’d missed out on seeing the Mad Rollin’ Dolls while I spent four years in Madison.) I got roller blades over the summer for the first time since junior high and it was wonderful. I’ve spent most of the winter wishing it was nicer out so I could use my roller blades.

But now I’ve just discovered a wonderful little organization called Derby Lite. I get to roller skate and learn at the same time! Every practice is genuinely fun and I never look at the clock with longing (like I have during every other workout ever). I get impatient during our off-skate warmups; there is no greater moment than when we get to put our gear on.

And I never thought I’d say this about any workout class, but here it is: I wish it was more than once a week.

…Is this what it feels like to be a healthy human? It’s so new to me.

I went to a Windy City Rollers bout this weekend and it was fantastic. I can’t stop thinking about how cool skating is, and how much I just want to skate and blade everywhere. (Damn snow.)

I always liked basketball. I enjoy watching football. Olympics sports are always fun to see. I’m required by law to enjoy watching the Cubs lose.

But my goodness, my heart belongs to the wheels under my feet.


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