Truth Hurts

12 Oct

Today is Yom Kippur. I won’t get into what Yom Kippur means, or represents, or should be. (If you want to hear more about what it’s like in Israel, check out my post from my working abroad blog.) But I will share one thought.

Elad and I have what we call a Smell Pact. The pact is simple: if one of us smells, the other has to say something. We’d rather know, and we’d rather know from each other.

Today, Elad had the kind thought to tell me my breath smelled (thanks to my keeping the fast). Although the exact phrase he used was “like a dead body.”

In short, coming to terms with your own shortcomings can be hard. So with this new year, may we all be able to face the truth (no matter how difficult), accept it, and do our best to make things right.

I’m gonna need a mint.

Shanah tovah l’kulam.


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