Pros and Cons

21 Oct

Things I will be glad to return to in Chicago:

  • My shelves of unread books (much though I love my Kindle, I have a teeny handful options waiting for me at home)
  • Having a dryer
  • Receiving ice water at restaurants, unasked
  • Being more naturally conversational with cashiers
  • Starbucks
  • Watching the Bears lose (and hopefully the Cubs win)
  • Wearing more shirts than the dozen or so that I brought
  • Tacos
  • My nicely-scented hand lotions (coconut in nightstand, peach in bathroom)
  • Standing in orderly lines
  • Halloween
  • Stores being open on Saturdays
  • Netflix’s American catalogue

Things I will miss about being in Israel:

  • Ordering “cold coffee” just about anywhere and getting an iced latte (because who would dream of ordering just plain coffee?)
  • Not needing to check the weather in September/October because the answer will always be “warm and sunny”
  • Bakeries full of burekas, rugelach, and more just waiting for you to put them in a bag and weigh them for purchasing
  • Visiting the beach and going into water of a pleasant temperature
  • Hummus restaurants
  • Quiet mornings due to America being asleep
  • Not being in the midst of the 2016 election coverage
  • Being the person who can handle the coldest temperatures
  • My religious holidays being the norm, not the exception
  • Enjoying 15 GB of data (15!) for one-fourth of what I pay for 2 GB at home
  • Required relaxation on Saturdays because so few places are open
  • Netflix’s Israel catalogue

And of course, the people I love in both locations. That goes without saying.

See you soon, America. And miss you already, Israel.



One Response to “Pros and Cons”

  1. The Mama October 21, 2016 at 8:08 am #

    Are we going straight to Starbucks from the airport? :>)

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