Challenge Accepted

20 Nov

My last blog post was, in a nutshell, a “whatcha gonna do about it?” piece. And if I want people to actually do something (much like Russell Brand implores in Forgetting Sarah Marshall), I gotta step up and start the ball rolling myself.

So, I’d like to share what I did and am doing. Because no matter how many think pieces you share on Facebook, the world keeps a-turning and we’re going to have a political administration for the next several years that might do some serious damage to causes we care about.

In the span of about an hour from the comfort of my bed and laptop, I did some research and then:

I wish I could donate more (#unemployment), and that there were more potential volunteer opportunities for the environmental groups. But as it stands, I signed up to be reminded of them on a regular basis so I can stay involved with them and remind Future Allie that they exist. I’d like to look into women’s groups and LGBT groups as well, but will leave that for Future Allie because I have to get going.

(Oh, and I’m still volunteering for the animal shelter! I don’t think even the far right hates puppies, so it’s not exactly a political stance. But it’s still a fun way to be involved.)

And now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment – how are you getting involved?

(And no, sharing articles, even this blog post, does not count.)


2 Responses to “Challenge Accepted”

  1. chronoatlantis November 20, 2016 at 5:43 pm #

    I’m running for the House of Representatives in the second district for the state of Georgia in 2018. I’ll be running against Democrat Rep. Sanford D. Bishop (unless he retires) to start my “draining the swamp” of those raised before, during, and shortly after the Civil Rights Movement. Dealing with the longest standing racist background party is necessary for this.

  2. Sandra Bernstein November 20, 2016 at 10:29 pm #

    You are my hero :>)

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