A Ramble of Work Samples

Body Politic

Body Politic is a non-partisan interactive tool that explains the major abortion cases argued before the Supreme Court. Open any of the four cases at any time, and jump to the answer to whichever question that interests you. Find definitions of common terms and legal concepts, listen to audio from oral arguments, and read relevant sections of the opinions of the Court.

For this project, I wrote and edited the majority of the content; found the relevant links to audio and written passages; chose photography; approved color schemes and layout choices; and coordinated with two researchers, one manager, two advising professors, and three designers. Since this website was launched before the decision in the final case was released, I also updated all of the information for those relevant pages with new information after its release.

Study in Tel Aviv

Study in Tel Aviv is a resource designed to help international students find English college programs in Tel Aviv. The academic sections of the website offer search and browse capabilities to find programs and institutions of interest, at any level desired (undergraduate degree, graduate degree, semester abroad, etc). The website also provides information for students upon arrival, including diversity, startup culture, meeting fellow foreign students, exploring Tel Aviv and Israel, and more.

I managed this project. I researched other cities’ websites, wrote a proposal, developed a sample layout, advised on hiring a designer, reached out to each university to ensure we had the correct information (and followed up weekly until they confirmed), wrote much of the content, delegated writing and editing content to my fellow interns, tracked the progress of each page and data input, and coordinated the entire process.

Dag B’Tel Aviv


Dag B’Tel Aviv is my working abroad blog. You can find some of my favorite memories, writing samples, and insightful thoughts about personal growth here.

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