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101 Things in 1001 Days Update

18 Nov

Well, once I got a full-time job, I got terrible at blogging again. Figures…

So, the best way to cover what’s been happening is to provide an update on my challenge to accomplish 101 Things in 1001 Days! (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Original post here.)

77: Figure out a general plan for me and Elad’s future.

This is probably my favorite update… And can be best summarized with a picture.


I may be obsessed with telling the story, showing the videos, sharing the pictures, and staring at my left hand. We’re going to get married in both the US and Israel, so we can make sure everyone can come!

26: Attend another roller derby class/workout.

I remembered when I wrote out the challenge goals that the Windy City Rollers usually held a couple of “learn to skate” sessions before tryouts, and I’d always had it in the back of my head to go to one – for old time’s sake. Thanks to this challenge, I finally made time to go. I went with the clear intention of just having fun skating again, not trying out.

…That didn’t quite work out. I fell in love with skating and the ladies of roller derby all over again, tried out, made the team, and have been obsessed. I invested in quality skates and have made amazing friends. I am absolutely thrilled to be back on wheels, and to be Curls Gone Wild!


Me and my first WCR derby wife, Miss Manners.

51: Catch up on Hello From The Magic Tavern.

I managed to catch up the morning before Elad and I went to a live show, so I gave myself an extra pat on the back for that one. Since the show was not long after my surgery, and my mom has a lovely habit of sending self-addressed stamped get-well cards to my favorite stars for me, the cast had been amazing and signed the card as each of their characters. They also insisted on making sure I was comfortable during the show. Adal personally escorted me to a front-row seat before the doors opened, Matt asked his co-stars immediately after the show if they had heard from me, and Arnie looked more concerned for me than amused when I told them I had laughed so much it hurt. Between this and the amount of time I spend trying not to laugh out loud on the train while listening to each new episode, this is by far and away my favorite podcast.

Magic Tavern

I don’t mind standing in Usidore’s shadow.

62: Learn what to do with a butternut squash.

This one came about because of unfortunate circumstances – I managed to get salmonella and have spent a long time returning my stomach slowly to normal. As soon as I was cleared to get off the BRAT diet (which I had been on for an awful week – I am so sick of bananas), I started looking up good transition foods. Butternut squash topped the list and I immediately got one. It took a hundred years (and guidance from YouTube) to chop it up, but after half an hour in the oven, it was WORTH IT. Good discovery!

21: Visit Christina in Atlanta.

In a fortunate turn of events, I needed to go to Alpharetta, GA for work – and Alpharetta is about an hour from Atlanta! I flew in a day early to spend time with a dear friend, and it was absolutely lovely. Christina is one of those people who is so genuine and kind; it was a pleasure to catch up with her. But now I have to go back when I’m fully recovered post-salmonella and eat ALL THE THINGS.


We found a tiny door on the Beltline! #tinydoorsatl

23: Visit the Madison Farmers’ Market.

Spicy cheese bread. ‘Nuff said.

13. Dye part of my hair a different color.

After Elad took a picture of me where it accidentally looked like I had a hot pink curl, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I waited until I had a job – and one I knew would approve – and did it.

Pink Curl

In love with this curl.

Amazingly, everyone loved it – from derby girls to Grandma to coworkers. It felt really me. At this point, it’s pretty darn faded and I’m debating what to do about it, with the thought of wedding photos sometime in a year or so… Input is welcome.

All in all, this challenge has been a fun way to spend my time. And it’s a great way to make myself do things that otherwise keep getting pushed back.

So, what should I do next? Replay a favorite childhood video game? Take a course on Coursera? Visit more friends? (Well, that one’s a duh.) Go to a drag show? Make Elad’s mom’s challah recipe? Go to a coffee shop just to read? Tell me in the comments!


101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge

13 Jan

Earlier this week, I discovered the 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge, and I love the idea. Being unemployed takes a toll on the psyche, so it would be really great to set myself some goals and accomplish them on a regular basis.

The tasks I chose span a wide range. There’s self-improvement, there’s entertainment, there’s travel, there’s Big Life Planning, there’s small organization, and lots and lots in between. Some of them will be easy and fun to do, and some of them will be big and difficult. But I look forward to nailing them, and to writing about them as well!

Start date: January 14, 2017
End date: October 12, 2019

Big Life Stuff

1. Get a full-time job: accomplished 2/28/2017
2. Be able to explain my career goals more clearly
3. Get my own apartment: accomplished 5/1/2017
4. Get a pet

Self-Improvement Stuff

5. Learn Hebrew
6. Make something from Pinterest
7. Learn the basics of Python
8. Read that meditation book from mom I’ve had for almost a year now (sorry, mom)
9. Meditate 10 days in a row
10. Take professional ukulele lessons
11. Take an improv class at Second City
12. Take a course on Coursera
13. Dye part of my hair a different color (ever since I saw a picture that accidentally looks like I have a single hot pink curl, I can’t get it out of my mind): accomplished 8/2017
14. Get a crochet lesson
15. Learn a legit magic trick from Danny
16. Learn a sentence in Chinese or Mongolian from Kacey
17. Learn to recognize a new constellation

Travel Stuff

18. Visit two new countries
    -Spain, February 2017
19. Visit Shelby in Salt Lake City
20. Visit Kacey and Krista in Phoenix
21. Visit Christina in Atlanta: accomplished 10/13-14/17
22. Visit two other new US cities
23. Visit the Madison Farmers’ Market: accomplished 6/10/2017
24. Spend a day in Milwaukee

Stuff Outside

25. Go on a hike
26. Attend another roller derby class/workshop: accomplished 7/2017
27. Run/walk a 5K
28. Build a snowman

Read Stuff

29. Read a book alone under a tree
30. Go to a coffee shop alone just to read
31. Leave a good book somewhere for someone else to discover
32. Read two complete book series (serieses?)
33. Read a book grabbed on impulse from the library
34. Read 50 books I own but haven’t read yet (I KNOW, I HAVE A PROBLEM)
    -24/50 as of 10/18/17

Watch Stuff

35. Watch Agent Carter
36. Finish season 9 of Doctor Who
37. Finish watching The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
38. Watch Freaks & Geeks
39. Watch Dollhouse
40. Watch Fargo (the movie): accomplished 6/2017
41. Re-watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? as an adult
42. Watch The Godfather

Entertainment Stuff

43. Bring a group of friends to see live music of my choice
44. See 10 plays/musicals
    -The Bodyguard, 1/31/2017
-Gloria, 2/1/2017
-Carmen, 2/28/2017

    -Hedwig and the Angry Inch, 3/7/2017
    -Aladdin, 4/2017
    -Something Rotten, 7/2017
45. Attend three Meetup group meetings
   -North Side Social Club, 3/10/17
46. Attend a comic con: accomplished 4/2017 (C2E2)
47. Write a short story
48. Host a potluck dinner with friends
49. Sing karaoke in public
50. Go to a drag show
51. Catch up on Hello From the Magic Tavern (I’m more than halfway there!): accomplished 9/17/17 (just in time to see a live taping!)
52. Attend a Chicago street festival
53. Play Kingdom Hearts
54. Replay an N64 or GameCube game from my childhood
55. Attend a friend’s performance: accomplished 6/2017 (Rachel & Geoff’s choir)

Eating Stuff In

56. Make a dessert for someone else
57. Make one of my grandma’s recipes with her
58. Make one of my mom’s recipes with her
59. Make one of my dad’s recipes with him
60. Have a picnic
61. Open a cookbook to a new page and make that recipe
62. Learn what to do with a butternut squash: accomplished 11/2017
63. Actually make Yael’s challah recipe

Eating Stuff Out

64. Visit three Chicago coffee shops I haven’t been to before
    -Chicago Grind, 1/27/2017
-Queen of Hearts, 7/2017
    -Ritual Coffeehouse, 6/2017
65. Visit Kibbitznest Books, Brews & Blarney
66. Visit The Berkshire Room
67. Go to Howl at the Moon
68. Visit Little Bad Wolf: accomplished 5/2017
69. Visit Luella’s Southern Kitchen: accomplished 7/2017
70. Eat Korean BBQ
71. Go on a Chicago food tour
72. Open the Entertainment coupon book to a random page and go where the coupon is

Boyfriend-Related Stuff

73. Watch Memento together (one of his favorite movies I’ve never seen)
74. Watch What We Do in the Shadows
75. Watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi (and eat sushi)
76. Kiss in the rain
77. Figure out more details for our future (we’ve got a general plan, but details are neat): accomplished (more or less 10/14/2017)

Organizational Stuff

78. Upload all of my photos from my computer to Flickr
79. Upgrade my laptop’s iOS
80. Figure out the weird iTunes issue that separates songs into different albums by artist (for example, The Producers soundtrack is split into separate albums – one is Nathan Lane, one is Matthew Broderick, one is Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, etc.)
81. Clean out the trunk of my car
82. Fix the hole I keep ignoring in my favorite skinny jeans: accomplished 3/6/2017

Get Stuff

83. Get a Moleskine notebook or planner: accomplished 2/26/2017
84. Buy and use a grown-up candle
85. Get an autograph from someone famous (or at least famous to me): accomplished 3/29/2017 (John Scalzi, author of Old Man’s War)

Giving Stuff Back

86. Donate 30 items of clothing
87. Donate blood: accomplished 6/2017
88. Volunteer for a political cause that matters to me
89. Review 10 favorite local restaurants on Yelp
    -Patisserie Coralie, 1/23/16
    -The Lunatic, The Lover, & The Poet, 6/2017
-Sushi Tokoro, 6/2017

    -Ritual Coffeehouse, 6/2017
90. Review 5 hotels/trip providers on TripAdvisor
    -Room Mate Mario (Madrid hotel), 2/23/17
    -El Jardi (Barcelona hotel), 2/23/17
91. Mail someone a care package for no reason
92. Volunteer at the Uptown Cafe

Financial Stuff

93. Look through the Wall Street Journal financial planning book from my grandpa; figure out what applies
94. Put $5 in savings for every task I accomplish: 1, 3, 13, 21, 23, 26, 40, 46, 51, 55, 62, 64, 68, 69, 77, 82, 83, 85, 87
95. Donate $5 to charity for every task I don’t accomplish

Future Stuff

96. Come up with items 97 – 101 as needed
97. Go out dancing with Shelby in Chicago
98. Re-read A Tale of Two Cities
99. Host a murder mystery party

(Setting goals for the next 2.74 years is fun, but I certainly hope I have new ideas during that time. I don’t want to box in all 101 goals just yet.)

So, this should be a fun 1001 days! I plan on updating this list as I complete them, and hopefully writing some blog posts about the experiences as well. If you want to join me in accomplishing any specific or general goals, I can’t wait to have your company.

Wish me luck, and bring it on!